Term 1 2017 Goal Review and Next Steps

Term 1 2017 Goal Review and Next Steps
Name: Ryder

Parent Goal(s)
Strategies I can use are:
Eg What strategies have you used to improve? Have you made progress? How do you know?
Next Step
Eg My next step is……...
I would like to be at standard for reading writing and maths.
Read to his 40 book challenge

I can get my sml’s  done in time

Student Goal(s)
Strategies I can use are:
Eg What strategies have you used to improve? Have you made progress? How do you know?
Next Step
Eg My next step is……...
Be a good Role Model
To get my mathletics points for the week  and to read to my 40 book challenges

Stay on task and work harder


Mr and Mrs Twit

Mr and Mrs Twit

Mr Twit and Mrs Twit are very careless people that don't care about them self's or other people and Mr and Mrs Twit are very mean people who torches birds and kids!

Mr Twit looks very very ugly just like a fat hairy pig but worse. He always has food in his beard that looks disgusting. I bet you he could shape his beard like a bowl and eat noodles out of it.

Mrs Twit looks very very ugly is well. Mrs Twit even has a moustache even though she is a woman and she has a whole lot of pimples on here face. Her nails are very long and sharp with dirt in it she looks very much like a witch.



Woodend Camp

                                   Wooded Camp

17/11/16 WALT: describe our feelings about camp.

I was really excited about going to camp. When I was thinking about it like what it will look like ? When I was thinking I thought who was going to sleep on top of me and I was thinking what it would look like outside out side. It looked like a pile of trees. I heard there was mini golf there I thought I wonder what courses there will be ? I wondered if the courses were hard or not but they turned out to be easy and hard. I wondered if the actives were fun ?

                         Camp Activities
Climbing wall: The climbing wall  was fun but a little bit scary I thought I could do the third one but it was too hard I  only got to halfway and then I tried the second one and I got to the top and on the third one I keep bouncing off the wall.
Team Building: The team building was really fun maybe my third favourite.Team building was fun because there were these two poles and we had to circle round them like the number eight then we had to quickly go round and finish in our same spots the reason we had to go really quick is because we were timed and I think we came last.
Air Rifles: With the Air Rifles they were fun but hard to hit a target but I hit a green target but we only got three shots and there was two guns so we got three shots on each and someone in a other group got a duck.
Archery: The archery was good cause i all ready have my own bow-arrow when i was shooting i had my own way to hold it but that time i had to hold it different and that was harder my own way is easier but when i was shooting i got the blue and i missed about 2 shots as well.
Go-Kart: Go-carting my first favorite it was really fun h

                                                        Space Alien

WALT: Describe the Attributes of an alien to hook the reader

My space Alien's name is Jeffrey he has green and blue scales and he has got three eyes and he is very skinny and small and he likes to play sport. He is quite smart his favorite subject is math and his favorite sport is rugby league. he has black eyes he likes to travel to different planets he is a very good artist he has got a really nice friend his name is Franklin they look similar but Franklin has two eyes and Jeffrey has three. They both want to go to Mercury but there parents say no so they have to stay on M

WALT: Describe a New Zealand habitat and the animals who live there.

My habitat is the forest because it has lots of endemic and native animals
Like a kiwi and a pukeko. Animals live there because there are a lot of of bushes and trees for them to hide from their predators.In the forest there is a lot a plants. In the forest there is a lot of shade but not a lot of sun.


The kiwi is endemic to New Zealand. I picked the kiwi because the forest has big bushes for the kiwi so it can hide from it’s predators. There are about 68,000 left in all of New Zealand. We are losing 2% of our unmanaged kiwi every year - that’s around 20 per week.


The kea is endemic to New Zealand. The New Zealand kea is endemic parrot found in the south island’s alpine environments. Kea are a protected species. They are worlds only alpine parrot, and one of the most intelligent


Pukeko is a native bird to New Zealand. Pukeko are commonly seen along the marshy roadsides and low-lying open country,the birds range is increase with agricultural development. Unlike many other native birds, the pukeko has adapted well to new habitats, such as grassed padddocks croplands and even city parks, necessity brought about disappearing wetlands.

Comic Book

WALT: use Comic Book to show what we have been doing with our learning


From the Journal of Jack Simpson

Today I am happy because I saved a lot of wounded and

I survived the difficult walk up to the battle front.  I

saved 14 people but one man didn’t make it. He got

killed by a grenade when he was about to throw it back

but it exploded.  It was horrible because he was my best


Earlier a bullet whistled past my head and I smelt gun

smoke in the air.   The soldiers are fighting at the battle

front and there is dry blood everywhere.  I could hear

screaming when the men got shot.

I wish I could go home to sleep in my comfy bed away

from this awful war.

By Ryder
Welcome to my blog for 2015.Tthis year I will be sharing my learning with you.


We are learning to solve addition and subtraction problems in lots of different ways. We play group box games to help us practice this.


Maths and Reading

 I am learning to read carefully and answer detailed questions. This helps me to think about what I am reading.
I am learning to practice my basic facts. This will help me to solve maths problems quickly.


I am learning to : write  instructions for a procedure

I can do this when I can:
-       Include a title.
-       List the materials in order.
-       Write instructions in clear steps.
-       Write instructions in order.
-       Use conjunctions (first, then etc).
-       Write in detail.
-       Use active verbs (e.g cut, squeeze).

Well done you have written some clear instructions.


I showed the CARE value of Community by working with my group to make this igloo.


I am showing the Key Competency 'Managing Self'  by  working with others. 


I am learning to: Write to persuade.
I can do this when I can:
- Make a statement.
- Give reasons to back up my statement.
- Use punctuation correctly.
- Check my writing.

My next step is to give more reasons to support my statement.

Integrated topic term 3

We are learning to: participate and contribute with creativity.


I am learning to use capital letters in the right place.
We'll done Ryder you have achieved this.

Maths term 2

We are learning to use directions.
We can do this when we can give and follow directions using the points of a compass - North, South East and West.

Room 2 went outside and did a treasure hunt in pairs. One person hid the treasure. They then had to give their partner instructions to find it. E.g 2 steps north... It was a fun way to practice what we had been learning in class.

Our next learning step is to identify and use other directions such as north-east, south-west etc.

Sport T2

 Student Reflection

Maths Term 1

We are learning to talk about chance.
We can do this when we can identify the chance of an event occuring. 
We looked at the story of the three little pigs.
Student comment: No shark because they need to live in the water.

Term 1 reading.

We are learning to identify what a good reader does.
Student comment: A good reader asks good questions and can talk about their favourite books.

Term 1 music

I am learning to: play the recorder
I can do this when I can: play in time, play notes, play a tune.
Teacher comment: You can now play some notes on the recorder. Your next step is to practice the notes you know and make up your own tunes.

Term 1 writing.

We are learning to: write a description

We can do this when we can: include interesting words, write sentences that make sense,  use describing words  and edit our work.

Teacher Comment: You have used some good describing words Ryder. Your next step is to add more to your writing.

Term 1

I are learning to: sketch and paint. 
can do this when I can: use drawing techniques, mix colours, use different painting strokes and outline my painting.

Teacher comment: 
You have planned your painting carefully and have used different colours to show detail.


We are learning to dance in unison to the 1950s song Rockin' Robin.


I use my CARE values by being kind and friendly, doing my best work and using my brain.

Writing Term 4

WALT write a recount.
We will have written about an event that has already happened. We will have answered some of the questions who,what,where,why,when? 

In the weekend I stayed the night at my cousin’s house and we went to Rolleston pool. Miller and I went in the lazy river. We went in a tub of water in our clothes and we went on the tramp again. 

Reading Term 3

What do good readers do?
They read like they talk so it sounds fluent rather than word by word.


Maths Term 3

WALT count in 2s, 5s and 10s to 100. 
I can count 2,4,6,8 .... all the way  to 100.
I can count 5,10,15 ... all the way to 100.
I can count 10,20,30 ... all the way to 100. 

Ryder's mihi

Te Reo Māori Mihi

We are learning to:
  • Introduce ourselves in Te Reo Māori.
  • Communicate personal information, such as our name, parents’ and grandparents’ names and home town in Te Reo Māori. 
To be successful we need to:
  • Speak clearly and fluently.
  • Use short simple sentences of Te Reo Māori to communicate personal information.

Term 2 Integrated Topic - Change.

We are learning to express our understanding of Change.
Teacher Instruction Sketch something to show what you know about change.
Teacher Question - What have you drawn to show me what you know about change?
Student Voice - I have shown how an egg changes into a butterfly through the life cycle.